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Wed, Sep 01



90 Min Group Akashic Library Clearing

Helping Clients to clear and let go of old stories is what I do. Clients show up open to possibilities and relax while I work with their Akashic Record Keepers. I can't wait to "clear" with you!

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90 Min Group Akashic Library Clearing

Time & Location

Sep 01, 2021, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM


About Simply-Helping Retreats

Let's connect!

90 minutes 

1x month

Each group healing session is to "dust off" and "start" to clear out your Akashic Record Library!!

Have you ever visited your Akashic Library?  If Yes, when was the last time?  And when was the last time you cleaned it up?  Not just looked around or asked questions... did you sweep it out and release old patterns?

That's what I do!  (Testimonial from a group participant "Each time, I had different experiences filled with love, light, healing, and releasing dense energies")

Many of my clients are just looking for clarity and balance in their daily life.  Others are looking to heal pain from physical, emotional , energic and past life traumas.  I also work with coaches and entrepreneurs before and after they work with their clients/teams.

During each 90 minute session I will be using Reiki, 12th Dimensional Healing™ techniques along with my Selenite Swords of Light.  I will take time to set our space so that each of our energy fields are protected.  I will connect each of us as if we are in the same room and ground us to Mother Gaia's energy.  Then I will take a few minutes to align everyones chakras and call in my Healing Beings and My Akashic Record Keeper to assist me in connecting to Your Akashic Record Keeper.  Once introductions have been made, I will work with each of your Akashic Record Keepers (and sometimes your inner child) to open up the doors and windows of your library and clean it up!!

I have been working in Akashic librarys for over a year now and they all look different.  Some look like actual librarys, some look like old barns, log cabins, laptops, you name it!  Some are just dusty and some have books all over the floor and table tops.   

In this 90 minutes I will not ask to be shown anything personal.  This is a group session to help each of you to take the time to become more focused and aligned in your day to day life, by dusting things off and start the process of cleaning out the old and unnecessary items that no longer serve you on your current life path!!

All you need to do is log in by the appointed start time (please confirm the time from the "Healing Session" page on this site), sit in a comfortable seat (on or off camera) and relax. I will take a few minutes to explain what I will be doing, what you might experience and when it's over, I am available to discuss anything that came up or to answer questions.

My focus and intention will be to connect with each Akashic Record Keeper and "start" the clearing process.  Your focus and intention will be to love yourself enough to show up prepared to be open and connect to your higher self so you may receive this healing.

To book a 15 minute discovery call to ask further questions, please feel free to click here  or go to the "Healing Session" page on this site to book one.  You can also click here to book a private 1:1 session for a deeper experience on your healing journey!






  • $30 Ticket







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