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“Be the Change you want to see in the world”


    -Mahatma Gandhi

Hi, my name is Holly Whitman.  I am an intuitive psychic energy healer and guide. I meet with clients online and also hosts boutique wellness & yoga retreats on our property in South Carolina.

Like most journeys to wellness, my journey started with pain in my body.  In 2009, I became a Certified Reiki Master because of the healings I received.  This experience put me on the path of wanting to share this healing and the other healing techniques I’ve learned since then with others. 


I enjoy helping others create a deeper connection and awareness of their body, mind, inner child and soul.  I use different methods to do this such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, Selenite Swords of Light and other techniques I share during the wellness classes I teach.  Each session empowers guests, at any level or age, to gain clarity as they learn practical tools and techniques to reduce stress and confusion from within.


Simply-Helping's mission is to create a welcoming, safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere for those who are seeking more. Our retreats were born after I attended a retreat that wasn’t welcoming, safe or nurturing; and with over 20 years of event planning experience, I decided to create a retreat experience that I would like to attend myself.  My desire is for everyone who joins a Simply-Helping Retreat, Membership or private 1:1 session, to be able to learn tools and techniques to use as they move forward in their daily life.


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