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Jenifer, FL  May 2023


Holly is fun and very connected and insightful. She is a great cook also. Well planned and executed retreat. Very welcoming and receptive. Thankyou, Holly


Gina, KS Aug 2022

"Fantastic learning experience "
I had the very best time imaginable! Thank you for all of your Excellence in your craft😃 Your work absolutely ROCKS!! Your studio, the comfort of your home, Doug’s short quick spurts of humor, the food, all of the knowledge you shared. I couldn’t appreciate more how much you put into the experience that you created Holly. I hope to stay in touch, doing energy clearings in the future, and hopefully join you with your classes in the future.
Chef’s Kiss 😚

Aileen, CA  June 2023

"Quality of food and Service Was beyond my expectations. "
The Food!!! Healthy ONLY Choices! High Quality Organic Vegan. However meat available if wanted. Perfect Clean Location + Weather. Instructor kind, knowledgeable!! Excellent personality made experience extra enjoyable!
I did not like Nothing!! I was very impressed!! It was very pleasant experience!

Carla, CT  Nov 2021

"An Amazing Escape "

Holly was an amazing host!! She was friendly, outgoing, understanding and accommodating!! The retreat is well-run and planned out! She was able to steer the activities towards the guests’ needs and showed amazing support for us all! Her knowledge/education is extensive and not only did I learn so much throughout the retreat but it made me want to continue learning and growing afterwards! There was a lot of personal healing, as well as opportunities for movement, personal relaxation time and other activities. I will definitely be recommending this retreat to others I know and hoping to join again in the future!!


Maria, VA May 2019

"Just what I needed "

Holly goes above & beyond to be accommodating. Schedule was flexible. Food was outstanding (10 stars).


Tara, MA  Sep 2017

Thank you for taking the time to travel to Portugal and share some of your teachings with me while I begin my journey forward.  I look forward to joining a retreat in SC soon. 

Dawn, NC

"I, like many women, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, find my days filled and my calendar scheduled before the next month even comes along. When I went to a Simply-Helping Retreat to facilitate the meditation, little did I know how much I would get out of the weekend myself! 


I was greeted with a terrific spread of appetizers and wine laid out in a country setting that felt anything but rural. Holly Whitman's home was beautiful! And the educators of the crystal class did an outstanding job. Everything was hands on and open for questions. Later, I sat with the other women guests around a fire while looking at the stars and talking from our hearts.


The next morning, greeted with coffee and quiet time, I could feel my mind slow down to the pace and pleasure of my body, even before the meditation! The food was incredible, the natural environment serene, and the teachers beyond knowledgeable.  It was tranquility within reach, both in price and distance. I'd take it again in a heartbeat.


Thank you, Holly, for helping women everywhere!"


Anonymous, DC

I arrived a bit nervous and was greeted so warmly that any apprehension quickly dissolved. Hollys home is very well suited for a retreat. There was a good bit of stretching and yoga, but that wasn’t all. Presentations and activities that were all geared toward spiritual and physical well-being were also included, although nothing was mandatory. The highlight was the sound healing on the final day.


I also enjoyed having a glass of wine on the front porch watching the sunset and subsequently the cozy fire pit. We had nice weather for November, but not warm enough to enjoy the beautiful pool. The Yoga studio as well as the activity/classroom were detached and comfortable. She has three beautiful dogs that were separated from the guests but could be included if wanted.


Holly requested information on any dietary needs or preferences, so the delicious home cooked meals were tailored to each individual with alternative options served.


I would highly recommend this retreat. I hope that I have another opportunity to attend. Thank you Holly for providing a place that made me feel safe, nurtured, and relaxed.


Janet, NC

I attended one of Holly's retreats in April.  I had just lost my Grandson at 13.  As you can imagine, I was plagued with anxiety and stress.  I can't say enough about Holly and the hospitality, kindness and comfort she showed me during my stay.  She caters to your every whim. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all amazing! She really needs to add Chef to her title.  


There is always something going on.  Swimming in her beautiful pool, meditation, yoga, crafts, or maybe you just want to relax by the pool with your favorite book. It's all up to you.  I felt cared for, pampered and yes, loved all at the same time. 


I can't say enough about Holly. If you need a getaway, I know you will find your experience both satisfying and uplifting.


Olgia, NC


So! You remember that I told you that it was my first time doing the Chakras thing, right?!

OMG! So, I was impressed when you told me that I had a lot on my right shoulder; which, I didn't tell you at the moment that it has been hurting A LOT for the past 9 months! And I couldn't hardly put any weight on it to sleep on that side.....Well, last night, I woke up at around 3:45am, not strange for me when the full moon is about to be; and I realized that I had NO pain on my right shoulder at all and my mind felt so fresh and clean - Like "someone" had done a deep cleaning/organizing/decluttering of my interior files!


This morning, I wake up, again feeling refreshed, organized and all thoughts in control. What a beautiful and peaceful feeling!


Again, thank you!  Please guide me (as I am sort of new to your magic); on what should I do next to increase this beautiful feeling and properly maintain it.



Alyson, TN

Holly is an extraordinary healer. Her intuition guides her to help her clients go from stuck to thrive.  She truly feels what you are feeling and uses her tools to help the energy flow within.  Holly cares deeply and you can feel it from the moment you meet with her.  I highly recommend Holly! She goes above and beyond to help and empower people to feel better and be more in alignment with who they are born to be.

Anonymous, FL

'I have tried traditional therapy, guided meditations, ignoring my "stuff", running from it, you name it and guessed it - none of it worked. Working with Holly has made me feel lighter and more clear and has reminded me what it feels like to have that childlike innocence and hope before life took its toll. While we have a journey ahead of us still, it is a path I want to stay on!' 

IT Programmer, NC

"I have been joining the group Akashic clearing healing circles and one on one healings with Holly Whitman for several months now and it has made a drastic improvement in my life!  With each session, I experience lighter, clearer thinking and feeling.  I have been sleeping better and reconnecting with my true inner self, allowing me to tap into my own true power and potential. Holly also gives great advice and is a wonderful cheerleader to have in your corner.  In a word, the healings are POWERFUL!!! I highly recommend her services."

Kelly, OR

I've worked with Holly and her energetic healing in group sessions for a over a year.  Recently we specifically targeted the issue of life-long migraines. Holly was able to discover and address the root  cause of these headaches. After a few sessions of this targeted work the migraines are nearly gone, rarely occuring.  I'm joyful and grateful!



Dunajska Streda, Slovakia

I can not say enough thank you for me being here! Thank you for the "Southern Hospitality" the meals were great and the firework show was Amazing.

Diane, NC

My healing session with Holly was amazing as usual.  I experienced mental clarity and much needed release of grief and sadness.  I also received valuable insight into starting my own healing practice.  You can't go wrong with a healing practice.  You can't go wrong with a healing session with Holly, whether it's an individual session or the monthly Akashic record group clearing.  Holly is dead on and attuned to everyone's unique spiritual needs.

Leslie, CA

A session with Holly and her selenite swords helped bring me back into balance.

It cleared my energy, brain fog and back pain!


Her calming voice and the massive healing energy she provides was just what I needed!

Highly recommend


Tish, ME

I absolutely love Holly's healing circles.

Taking time for yourself is a wonderful thing and that's how you feel after one of these healing events! So relaxing then energizing! You will return time after time!!

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