"Thank you Holly for another wonderful class!  I felt tension and stiffness release from toe to head. The techniques were simple and suitable, providing healing effects for hours after our class ended.

I truly love your classes!  Even online, you manage to create the right atmosphere with each class being taught with joy, positivity & unique guidance.

I look forward to my Tuesday & Thursday morning classes each week!


Layla, Connecticut

"I've meant to start yoga sooner but never seemed to have the time.  Due to COVID, I had time to start classes to learn proper stretching and poses that will help me when I return to work full time.

Holly made it much easier than I expected! 

I have continued working with her so that when I do return to work I will be better prepared to work through the daily stresses and aches that come with sitting behind a desk all day."   

Jenn, Ireland

RYT 500 International Yoga Instructor

I love hosting Yoga on our property for those who live an hour outside of Charlotte and would like to enjoy a yoga class and it's benefits without driving to do so.  I also host yoga and wellness retreats on our property where I offer daily classes during the retreat.  Retreats are on hold at this time due to COVID. 

I focus on Hatha Yoga because it has so many benefits for every level Yogi!  At first, you may want to start with one or two classes per week.  As you become comfortable and excited about your yoga practice, you may want to increase your attendance, add a private yoga class or an aerial class.  Yoga should be something that you look forward to and enjoy, not a chore!  I try to make it as fun as possible for each student.   But, everyone will need to find the timing, combination and class that works for them.

Classes are typically 60 minutes with the option of longer private classes upon availability. 

DUE TO COVID AND the upcoming FLU Season, we are only hosting private classes online.

Check back here or join our email list for future updates.

With that said, yoga can actually have healing benefits that can help you feel better quicker by boosting your immune system.  Taking a few minutes a day to sit on your mat and practice a few preventative poses, will help you ward off oncoming illnesses and help ease symptoms that you may already have.

To book your online class, click the link provided and schedule what time and day works for you.

Marble Surface

Hatha Yoga

Marble Surface

Chair Yoga

Marble Surface

Corporate Yoga

Marble Surface

Yoga for Diabetics

International Aerial Yoga Instructor

Aerial Yoga is something new and engaging for all levels of fitness!  We will cover basic poses with a few fun swinging and inverted poses as you feel comfortable. 


If you would like to book a private session to assess your comfort level before joining a class, click on the book a private session link provided or email me to discuss what our Aerial Yoga class entails.

DUE TO COVID AND the upcoming FLU Season, we are only hosting private classes online.

Check back here or join our email list for future updates.

"It's been a while since I've had a daily yoga practice so I was a little nervous going into class. Holly gently guided a practice that was accessible, forgiving and included detailed instruction with modifications.

I'd definitely practice with her again!"

Chelsea, West Virginia

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