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Healing Services

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Spiritual Healing for your

Mind, Body & Spirit

30 Min Session



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Deeper Spiritual Healing 

to release out dated

patterns and traumas

60 Min Session



Group Hug

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one of our

Membership Opportunities


Nikon J. Gormley, Bangkok, Thailand

Holly is a very skilled healer! When she uses her swords, it truly feels like the energy within me is being rearranged to create more peace and ease. It's like having the knots released from my neck during a massage only on the inside. Even when they're SHOUTED, the words THANK YOU barely contain the appreciation I hold for the lovely work she's doing! 

Chelsea, Life Coach, West Virginia

'I have tried traditional therapy, guided meditations, ignoring my "stuff", running from it, you name it and guessed it...

none of it worked.

Working with Holly has made me feel lighter and more clear and has reminded me what it feels like to have that childlike innocence and hope before life took its toll.

While we have a journey ahead of us still,

it is a path I want to stay on!' 

~ Anonymous ~

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