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Selenite Swords of Light Healing


Experience the powerful healing of Selenite Swords of Light in a group or in a private session.  Sessions are conducted using Reiki, Selenite Swords of Light and by connecting to our guides and ancestors over Zoom.


Holly offers different healing session options.  She loves working 1:1 with clients in a 45 minute private healing session for $75.  During your 45 minute session she will align your chakras while focusing on areas she "feels" (this is her "super power") she feels where energy may be stuck or pain may need to be shifted so you can heal with more grace and ease.  She will also share words and visions that come to her from your guides or ancestors as they come through her.   

When finished with a private 1:1 session, you will experience a shift in your physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and your energy body/field allowing you to vibrate at a higher frequency.  This will allow you to be more open and aware of the people, places and things you are calling into your life. 

Book Your Discovery Call if you are looking to gain clarity and insight to your thoughts and behaviors.  Let's book a session that works for you!

Holly hosts 60 minute group healing circles which are offered once a month.  During the group healing circle she aligns everyone's chakras between your soul star chakra and your earth star chakra while you sit (or lay) in a comfortable position (on or off camera via zoom) and take time to relax and open to new possibilities.

She also offers a 90 minute Akashic Record Library Clearing which is something most people have never done and by doing it monthly, has been eye opening!!  Clients have texted that they were amazed at how GREAT they felt the next day!!  How they "saw/felt" things and people that they didn't know they still held "responsible, resentment or judgement for".  

Whether you join a 60 or 90 minute group healing or book your private 1:1 healing session, you will feel and shift your sub consciousness for the better!

Results vary, but everyone, feels lighter & more relaxed on multiple levels after just one session! 

Join her next healing circle, book a private session or join one of her memberships by clicking the link that speaks to you.  It's worth the investment in your time and yourself!


Nikon J. Gormley, Bangkok, Thailand

Cherie North, Ashville, NC

Holly is a very skilled healer! When she uses her swords, it truly feels like the energy within me is being rearranged to create more peace and ease. It's like having the knots released from my neck during a massage only on the inside. Even when they're SHOUTED, the words THANK YOU barely contain the appreciation I hold for the lovely work she's doing! 

Chelsea, Life Coach, West Virginia

I really enjoyed your healing circle.  It was just what I needed.  

Your healing power is really amazing, off the charts.  I have never heard of the 12th Dimensional Healing until your event. 

I did a little research before and it sounds fascinating.  

 When you first started working, I literally felt like I was being pushed up off the floor...     

 I'll definitely continue joining your group. 

Cindi, Writer, California

I have received several healing sessions from Holly, in groups and one-on-one.  Each time, I had different experiences filled with love, light, healing, and releasing dense energies.

Holly is a caring, supportive teacher and healer. 

I look forward to working with her!

Jacquelyne, Yoga Instructor, South Carolina

'I have tried traditional therapy, guided meditations, ignoring my "stuff", running from it, you name it and guessed it...

none of it worked.

Working with Holly has made me feel lighter and more clear and has reminded me what it feels like to have that childlike innocence and hope before life took its toll.

While we have a journey ahead of us still,

it is a path I want to stay on!' 

~ Anonymous ~