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Love Yourself First Everyday

Spiritual Energy Healing for those choosing to change their lives
from the inside out.

Love Yourself First and register for this course on how to connect spiritually and energetically with yourself, your higher self, Mother Earth and the cosmos (Source, Universe or whatever other name you call it).  Then, watch the changes happen all around you!
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Aligning with your Soul Essence

After the last few years, more people are now ready to heal at a soul level.  So much has changed that we as individuals need to find our new path forward.  Many of us took the time to look at our lives while we were in lock down and may or may not have liked what we saw.  That's ok, there is always time to start down a new path!  I was someone who looked deeply at myself and saw that I had changes to make...uncomfortable changes! I am asking you to take what might feel like an uncomfortable change for you and sign up for this course now. 

  • I will teach you through guided meditation, energy exercises and strategies.

  • You will learn healing strategies that you can do again and again.

  • Healthy boundaries become easier to empower and reinforce.

  • You will awaken to your ability to sense your own energetic frequency and invite that frequency to become more clear, loving and full of light.

  • Each class will help you to experience greater creativity and spiritual expansion.

  • Guided meditations and exercises assist you on your energy evolution.

  • Through practicing and creating new habits, you empower the wisdom of your higher self and find energetic balance.

  • Intuition and creativity are increased...letting decisions, projects and relationships flow with more grace and ease.

  • Then the emotions of gratitude, joy, love, clarity, peace and equanimity become easier to feel/recognize and therefore express

Energy blocks could be what's holding you back 

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, but know you’re doing the next best thing?

This could be because you have a bit of “stuck/stagnant” energy in your field.  Energy blocks can become serious.  By practicing the teachings in this course, you will learn techniques to use to release your stuck/stagnant energy as well as techniques to release other peoples energy from your field.  For this course, "field" is another word for your Aura, your emotional body, mental body, spiritual body and where you "feel" the blocks, your physical body.

Your Energy System is an invisible matrix from which your emotions, your healthy power, and your actions emerge.

In mainstream society, we are not taught about or how to acknowledge our energy field(s).  If we feel “Off” many just assume something went wrong or we are having a bad day.  We were taught to power through or to “think” our way forward with a new project, relationship or experience.

However, when you become aware of and connected to your spiritual energy, this energy can become your greatest resource.

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Awakening from within

When you’re feeling blocked, stuck, conflicted, burned out, or exhausted; you’re experiencing this energetically as well as emotionally, mentally and physically.


On a practical level, we know that not having enough energy daily is a sign.  But being human and having years of other peoples thoughts and words spoken to us to “just power through” or “fake it til you make it” can stop us from doing what we need to do to take care of ourselves first. When you push yourself for results, day in and day out, your energy field(s) lets you know that something is wrong.  But do you listen? Do you stop and make the necessary connections or subtle alignments that you need?

This course will help you release and heal the obstacles and resistances that are preventing you from concentrating, having more joy, and zest for life. When we work together, I will be helping you become your own healer. Each session will build upon the last to reconnect you with your true self and your energy. 


Each of you owns your own spiritual energy.  It is right here for all of us, all of the time. It’s experienced in your fields (emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and your aura). When you become aware of the energy fields, you will be going to your deepest level of being. You will be awakening your own inner guidance.


This means you will have more intuition and clarity. You will be more aware of what you’re feeling, what you’re saying, what you’re doing. You will be able to create a lasting transformation! 

Holly Whitman Spiritual Energy Coach and Guide

As a Spiritual Energy Coach I work with clients on how to recharge and recalibrate themselves by connecting to their Higher Self. Each client's real teacher is their own energy. As the coach, I will share methods and techniques through strategies and exercises that will bring out your own healthy spiritual energy and wisdom. This may feel like intuition showing up fully, or like a good friend who is always by your side letting you know, “you got this.” Following the methods and tools that I share with you is empowering and easy to do. As you practice what we cover on your own, you are setting the pace and finding your own healthy energy. 


Spiritual Energy Coaching is another Alternative Healing modality I use when I work with clients. It plays a unique role in my sessions and teachings and is distinctly different from other forms of healing. Most healing modalities are hands-on. Over the past 13 years and through different trainings and teachers, I have combined my hands-on practice with my energy work so that I may work with individuals at a deeper level and from around the world.

During each class, I will teach and guide you verbally, thereby empowering you to develop your own relationship with your healing energy. In other words, you, not I, will be providing the energy connection for your healing.

I love sharing my teachings with others, and sharing teachings this way enhances the individual’s ability to empower and heal themselves.

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Love Yourself First Everyday

L.Y.F.E. 101 will be open for enrollment soon. 

(L.Y.F.E. 101 will be the prerequisite to all other courses). 

Simply-Helping "Members" use discount code Members for your 15% savings and Simply-Helping Clients use discount code Welcome for your 10% savings.  Please let me know if you have a question and I will personally reach out to you.

I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and work with you. The L.Y.F.E. training courses are a beautiful journey of inner growth and depth.

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