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Sun, Sep 19



Preparing for an Emotional Full Moon

As the last major lunation of the summer, this full moon asks us to purge some of the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying through the season so that there’s more room in our hearts to process the changes that lie ahead.

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Preparing for an Emotional Full Moon
Preparing for an Emotional Full Moon

Time & Location

Sep 19, 2021, 10:00 AM – 11:20 AM


About Simply-Helping Retreats

Full moons are always heavy on our feelings,!  But with the full moon in Pisces, a water sign, we’ll be feeling even more sentimental than usual.  "GREAT!!" says all the Empaths out there.  

What clients are saying: "Each time, I had different experiences filled with love, light, healing, and releasing dense energies"

Again, because this is the last major lunation of summer 2021, this full moon is asking us to release any emotional baggage we’ are still holding onto from the season.  By doing this we can make more room in our hearts to accept and process the changes that are coming.  One thing I have learned as I have gone on this spiritual path of healing myself and helping others to heal; the changes come whether you're ready or not so why not sit with me to at least prepare yourself (mentally, emotionally and energetically) to accept and allow the changes to come with more grace and ease!

I will take about an hour of your time to share any updates with regards to the planets shifting, set each of our spaces so we are safe and secure in our own proverbial bubbles before I begin to use Reiki, 12th Dimensional Healing™ techniques and my Selenite Swords of Light to clear, balance and align your chakras. 

All you need to do is log in by the appointed start time, sit (or lay down) in a comfortable position (on or off camera) and relax. I will take a few minutes to explain what I will be doing, what you might experience (which to most people is a slight tingling and shifting sensations within their body) and when it's over, it will feel like you had a energetic massage.

My focus and intention will be to assist you in clearing your chakras and energy field from any negative or unwanted energy or emotions. Your focus and intention will be to love yourself enough to show up prepared to be open to receive this healing.

I work with anyone who is looking for clarity and balance in their daily life.  I enjoy assisting empaths, coaches and entrepreneurs as they navigate their daily life guiding and assiting others.  Book a session today to see how I can help you.

To book a 15 minute discovery call to ask further questions, please feel free to click here  or go to the "Healing Session" page on this site to book one.  You can also click here to book a private 1:1 session for a deeper experience on your healing journey!  



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