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Instructors of Simply-Helping


“Be the Change you want to see in the world”


    -Mahatma Gandhi

Holly Whitman is an intuitive energy healer and coach. She meets with clients online but also hosts and facilitates boutique wellness & yoga retreats on her property in South Carolina.

After moving to SC with her partner, and leaving her 9-5 life, where for 20+ years she facilitated events, fundraisers and private retreats for others; she has been able to focus more on her healing and coaching techniques with clients one to one and in small group settings.

As much as she loved and would never have thought to move away, the move south was what she needed to start really living her life to its fullest! The knowledge of what is possible to each of us, if we reach out, ask for help and do the work, is what excites her to help others reach out, ask for help and do the work, so that they may find their souls purpose and deepest truth.

Holly realizes that stepping up and asking for the healing or coaching it takes to move forward on your path isn’t always easy or comfortable. But taking that step is necessary and rewarding. 

Holly knows what it is like to move and leave everything familiar and cherished behind to start down a new path (and sometimes a scary one) but definitely worth it! She invites you to join her, to start down or to continue on your path.


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