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Instructors of Simply-Helping


“Be the Change you want to see in the world”


    -Mahatma Gandhi

Holly Whitman is a RY200 International Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Health & Wellness Advocate, avid Uber and World Traveler with over 110 countries visited.

She left her corporate career, home and friends to move south with her partner so they could be near his parents.  This is when they began to travel the world and experience life as an adventurer!  Putting her corporate career and other things on hold to do so, Holly realized that there really was more to life than a corporate 9-5 job! As much as she loved and would never have left her job, the move south was what she needed to start really living her life to it’s fullest! 


Holly spent a month in Rishikesh, India completing her 200 hour International Yoga Teaching Certificate so that she may help those around her to relax, get fit and maybe find their true potential! 

Now, she shares her home with others so that they may have more than just a 90 minute workout to relax, rejuvenate and just take time for themselves. She will soon be taking her retreats international so that she may share some of the places she loves with others.

Holly knows what it is like to move and leave everything familiar and cherished behind to start down a new path (and sometimes a scary one) but definitely worth it!  Join one of her classes or weekends to see what she and Simply-Helping are all about.



Noel is a certified practitioner of Ho’oponpono, Belief Clearing , the Law of Attraction and Reiki 1. 


Having always been drawn  to different healing modalities, Noel pursued Reiki 1 training after experiencing healing energy flow through her while working as a medical volunteer with a raptor rehab organization. The desire to learn more grew from there. 


The lesser known, yet very well respected Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono is one form of healing that has made a huge impact in her life.  It’s a method of internal healing that can be a wonderful addition to any healing practice. 


It brings Noel joy to be able to share what she has learned and hopes that it’s a tool you can use to enhance your spiritual journey.

“When you discover how to realign with the Power inside of you, through the cultivation of peace, you will trust your guidance    to show you the path that is right for you. Miracles will show up in serendipitous ways.

No longer trying to do life on your own, you find yourself being “led” in spite of yourself. And it happens more and more frequently as you practice the path of peace.”


   -Peace, Power, and Miracles


Dawn Petalino is a transformational coach, healer, speaker, and best-selling author of Peace, Power, and Miracles.


After experiencing years of anxiety and mild depression covered over with workaholism, food addiction, and relationship dysfunction, Dawn’s own transition came when her marriage unexpectedly fell apart in 2004. Two years later, she left the marriage, quit a 13-year career in the school system, and moved to a new state in one week. Yet, her transition was the

catalyst needed to stop living a life of fear, control and obsessive thinking, and start living a life based on confidence,

peace, and trust in herself and in Life.


Today, Dawn helps others work through their own mental clutter to hear their inner voice and find the clarity, confidence,         and courage to create the life they desire to live.


She has been featured in Sybil International Magazine for the Spirit and Soul of Women, The Author Empowerment Showcases, Synergy for Empowered Women, Transformation TV, and local cable, as well, various women’s networking groups.

You can find out more at

Stephen Shingara is a certified crystal healer, artist, and entrepreneur.


From a young age, Stephen was drawn in by a special connection to the beauty and power of the natural world.  Finding his first crystal on top of a mountain, as if waiting for him, his love and connection to the crystal kingdom and spirituality developed intuitively in childhood.  Life would later take him down a difficult path, becoming entangled in the experiences and chaos of a party lifestyle; he struggled to find and know himself.  Through meditation and intuition, he has reconnected with nature and found a balance in life between the spiritual and the practical.


Today Stephen shares his knowledge of crystals, as powerful metaphysical tools,  along side of science concepts and principles to help explain how they work.  He encourages others to trust in their intuition and to use it to lead them onto the path they were always meant to walk.



Vibrations: an introduction to crystals & vibrational healing


Begin your wellness journey with Chakora!  Co-founder and Certified Crystal Healer Stephen will introduce you to the many ways that you can harness the power of crystals.  He will also teach you some of the science-based concepts behind the use of crystals and vibrational medicine, as a compliment to your other wellness practices.


This is an entry-level info session for beginners.  We’ll talk about the topics that are most asked about:


1)        How do crystals work?

2)        How do I use my crystals?

3)        How do I, “clear,” my crystals and how often should I do it?

4)        How do I know which crystals to buy?

5)        How do I know if the crystal that I bought it legit?


So if you are new to the world of holistic wellness and crystals, or maybe you are a seasoned practitioner looking to hear a different angle, grab your notebook, bring your questions, and join us!

Matthew Shingara is a certified Reiki practitioner and entrepreneur.


Matthew has practiced energy work for the larger part of the last decade.  His exploration into the applications

of subtle energies began as a mindfulness exercise, becoming aware of his own vital energy, sometimes referred

to as prana or chi. Through concentration and meditation, he found that he could not only gain an awareness of

this vital force, he could direct and channel it.  Having seen the effect that channeling his own chi could have on

his surroundings he was inspired to learn more about subtle energies and how to harness them.  Reiki was an

obvious next step in his energy journey. 


Today Matthew is a second degree Reiki practitioner, trained in the standards of the International Center for

Reiki Training (ICRT) and attuned both to traditional Reiki energy as well as the ICRT's new Holy Fire energy.  Matthew utilizes a full array of subtle energies during healing sessions to intuitively match the specific needs

of his clients.  He encourages others to explore the energetic potentials within themselves through mindfulness, concentration, and meditative practices.

Ken Newbill is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant & Coach


Ken Consultant and Coach, of NewBill of Health, works with individuals, families, and corporations to help them navigate the nutrition landscape in order to find balance in the body and in their lives.


Ken knows that Wellness is Within You! Through holistic protocols, proper alignment based on the individual,

coupled with constant measurement,  communication, education, and validation he continues to witness people

make shift happen in their life to achieve their health goals in a true lifestyle manner by helping them develop

what he calls a Personal Health Code.  Being formerly morbidly obese, Ken has lost over 100 pounds of body fat

and toxic fluidity himself, healed himself of numerous ailments, and has mentored hundreds of others to the

same all through natural methodologies and whole food based nutrition.


Ken continues to help others overcome food addiction, create true lifestyle change, free people from conventional medicine, alleviate dis - ease in the body such as diabetes, auto-immune disorders, gut issues, weight management and more. He does so as Remote Health Coach allowing the most flexibility to in order to maintain a solid partnership and working relationship with his clients.


His all natural systematic approach has been developed over the years in dealings of his own experience and

failures coupled with the experience of a diverse clientele, formal education, and constant research. He will

help you dial in and achieve your health goals whilst delivering a tool set that will allow you to become and

remain 'Independently Healthy'. 

Whether you need to lose 100 pounds, like he has,
to add 20 pounds of muscle, find balance in your body

and mind or you are striving to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you; He looks to be a valued resource

for your betterment.


Ken Newbill is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant and Coach that approaches these perspectives

as a formerly morbidly obese 45 year old man, father of two, husband of 16 years, and full time entrepreneur.          He is human and he is here to help you. 

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